• Welcome & State of the Union, Erin Loman Jeck
  • Create YOUR Virtual Event, Wendi Freeman
  • Virtual Summit Mastery, David Moazzez
  • Unique Expert Position, Krista Burns
  • Hosting Has Never Been Easier, Mark Wade
  • Creating Your Offer Stack, Erin Loman Jeck
  • Design & Lead Virtual Interactions, Adair Cates
  • Close Clients Using Music, Andrew Ybarra
  • Monetize Your Events, Erin Loman Jeck
  • Profitable Pricing Strategy, Mahogony Jones
  • Sponsorships & Strategy, Alecia May
  • Copywriting that Converts, Breanna Gunn

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Hear What These Incredible Speakers Had To Say

Lindsay Andreotti

Earth University

Krista Burns

American Posture Institute

Adair Cates

Xchange Approach

Wendi Freeman

Be Bright Events

Breanna Gunn

Breanna Gunn Marketing & Promotions

Erin Loman Jeck

Transformational Speakers Academy

Mahoganey Jones

Halifax Convention Center | EventPreneur

Alecia May

Eventistry By Alecia

Navid Moazzez

Virtual Summit Mastery

Cindy Peterson

Peerless Partners

Liza Milan


Mark Wade

Virtual Summit Software

Lea Woodford

SmartFem Media Group


  • Understand the pros and cons of the 10 different online stages available, and choose the best match for your event. 
  • Refine your goals to curate the best outcome. What do you want this event to do for you?
  • Curate your experience by utilizing speakers, sponsors and content.


  • Start the conversation prior to the event through strategic promotion. 
  • Grow your community through authentic connections and consistent engagement practices. 
  • Learn all of the engagement tools at your disposal to create the hype your upcoming event deserves.


  • Run down all of your potential avenues for revenue — and choose which ones to focus your attention on. 
  • Define your final selling package and understand how to position it to land the most sales possible.